Blekko Reinvents Web Search Technology to offer Flawlessly Refined Results

In the age of commercialized search engines that keep on throwing spam and blue lines at user’s face, Blekko is as refreshing as a breeze. It offers trendy and flawlessly designed format that is a treat to your eyes.

Cutting edge slashtag technology

It uses slashtags that are designed to narrow down your search to specified domains as well as websites. Websites that are grouped under a common subject are denoted by the common name preceded by a slashtag, e.g. everything related to careers is grouped under ‘/careers’ or /medicare refines all available information about medicare.

This search engine possesses some reserved slashtags that are built in to distill results that are predefined. There are specially created slashtags for key websites that can be seen under /directory.


Blekko has designed a state-of-the-art algorithm that attempts to match the most relevant slashtag for desired query. It is capable of auto-boosting the result by matching slashtags. Reserved slashtags can be used to limit the search.

There are multiple ways one can use slashtags smartly to get the desired and refined results. One may use slashtags to sort results by specific date or include two or more websites by using a combination of slashtags.

Categorically superior results

Use of categories for showing results to intended query is one of the vital attributes of this state-of-the-art search engine. Categories facilitate refinement of results to help you get what you are looking for.

Categorization also contributes to visually pleasing format thereby ensuring an aesthetically superior search experience. You will feel like visiting Blekko again and again due to these highly refined results without spam.

Blekko Is A Crowd Puller

Blekko is an interesting new search engine. This $24 million project took around three years to complete and get launched in the market. November 1, 2010 was the day when the market witnessed the arrival of a different kind of search engine. This one promises “filtered” web search.


Web browsers are impressed by this search engine. It can be seen from their posts. They are, in fact, excited to have found an alternative to Google and other old search engines. Although it is hard to say right now that this search engine will be able to surpass giants like Google, Blekko’s reviews are bright.

Blekko  nn

According to reviews, the search engine is designed in a manner that it removes spam sites and content farms. This gives you a cleaner and more relevant result. You can at once work on your result sites, instead of sorting out the results first.

This saves you from frustration that often creeps in when you are unable to find the piece of information you are looking for.


Blekko possesses several features that are useful for casual searchers and for passionate searchers. The latter ones can benefit tremendously from this search engine, which lets you use only the relevant part of web. You need not ‘wander’ on the web. Come directly to the information you are seeking.

Apart from this, Blekko’s slashtag technology is a crowd puller. It gives divided results that are easier to deal with. Perhaps, here lies the beauty of this innovative search engine.

Blekko: An Exciting New Search Engine

Welcome the new ‘kid on the block.’ The name is Blekko. It is a new and interesting search engine. It arrived in the market in November 2010. It continues to make improvements and move ahead in the field of web search. It intends to give users an efficient and engaging search result.

Innovative search technology

The search engine uses slashtag technology. It requires you to type “/” along with your search keyword to get search results. The results are divided in categories to make your search easier. You can straightaway click on what you are looking for.

The benefit of this technology is that you get only relevant search results. The search engine claims to cut useless spam sites that only complicate your search process, as you otherwise need to sort out between useful and useless sites first and then come to the subject you are looking for.

Users of Blekko already claim it to be better than others. According to them, you only need to sign up with this search engine, use slashtags to your search, and get refined search results.

Image“Social” feel to web search

Do you know you can also discover your friend’s slashtag and utilize the information to your own search? This adds a “social” touch to your web searching. Although it is too early to say whether users will like it or whether it will give Blekko an edge over Google and other major search engines, it is a feature to admire. As this new search engine endeavors to create a position for itself among giant search engines, you can expect more improvements in its functions and design.

Blekko : Can Give Other Search Engines Some Tough Competition ?

The new search engine, Blekko, is striving to become your guard dog and it seems that it is inching closer to success in this regard.

The engine sticks to its motto of providing spam-free search results to web browsers. Since November 2010 when it was released, this new search engine has strived to become one of the safest search engines in the market. It plans to give some competition to search engine giants.

One step ahead of Google and Yahoo?

Last year, the search engine giant, Google, reconfigured its search algorithm. The idea was to delete content farms and low-quality sites from its search. Blekko took a step further. It took the prodigious task of prohibiting about 1.1 million websites that it found unreliable from its search results.

Last May, Yahoo, yet another major search engine announced that it would stop anonymizing search results. Instead, it would retain users’ search logs for about 18 months. The new search engine, in this scenario, adopted the reverse approach. It declared that it would begin removing users’ search logs within 2 days.                                                                                                                      Image                        

Declaring partnership

Now, this new search engine intends to move one more step ahead. It is planning a partnership with a reputable firm that creates security software for detecting adware and spyware on users’ computers.

It seems there is no looking back for Blekko. Recently, it claimed that about 3.5 million unique visitors used this search engine for around 100 million searches. Market studies show that search engine giants like Google witness billions of searches daily. So, this new ‘kid on the block’ is gaining traction.

Blekko Uses Sophisticated Technology To Offer A Wonderful Search Experience

Online search resulting in irrelevant and unsolicited results and spam has become order of the day for internet users. It is highly annoying to see more of sponsored links than those which we are looking for response to our results. In such situation, Blekko is a fresh breeze that displays specific search outcomes.

It has become a trend to consider net surfers as consumers and to bombard them with promotional links, messages, and so forth. When someone wants information, it is logical that the same is provided to him or her.

This modern search engine is designed to give you the most appropriate search results and is also very easy to navigate. You have got to experience it to believe it. Simple search for ‘cup cake’ will present you with a well-designed and visually pleasing array of relevant categories when you use Blekko.

ImageYou cannot miss what you want on this wonderful search engine. It is truly amazing to see the relevance of results, search after search. The information is presented in a simple-to-use layout with highly refined and specific results that fit effortlessly on desktops or tablets.

Normally, most of the search engines depend on specificity of keywords, however, with this modern option you can get desired results by typing fewer queries. It is their mission to offer a unique search experience that organizes content into appropriate groups.

Blekko offers state-of-the-art products that are backed by cutting-edge search technology. Their wide assortment of sophisticated products includes mobile app and social news platform.

Blekko Offers Relevant And Rich Search Experience Powered By Categorization

If there is one search engine that respects what web surfers look forward to when they type in key terms, it is Blekko. It is designed and developed for a thoroughly satisfying experience with its innovative technology of result categorization.

It is truly a whole new experience that allows users simple and easy-to-navigate tools to get what is desired. Search results are highly curated and of superior quality, and are obtained by typing fewer queries.

Categories that are shown as a result of given query broadly include Top Results, Images, and Latest. Top results are nothing, but blue links that are shown on other search engines. If you want to see the freshest results, then you can see Latest category offered by Blekko search. Images are shown in vibrant colors for more engaging experience.                                                                                                                                ImageThis is the result of continuous refinement and research going on for five years. These guys have been driven by a passion to make search experience more relevant and less cumbersome for web users.

At the core of this path breaking technology is Dynamic Interface Graph. It is an algorithm that combines data from web and semantic categories that are created by librarians. Thus, it is almost close to be called a categorized search engine that offers ease of navigation and satisfaction of refined and relevant results to users.

In addition to this cutting-edge search engine, there is a latest offering in terms of an exclusive application named as izik from blekko. It facilitates web surfing and searching with phenomenal ease. You will be amazed to see clarity and richness of images coupled with highly relevant content.

Enjoy Satisfying Web Search With Top-Class Technology Offered By Blekko

If you are tired of searching due to irrelevant and unwanted results on ordinary search engines, then get ready for a refreshingly pleasing search with Blekko. This ultra modern search engine is developed to offer extremely relevant results for your key words.

It is supported by an innovative technology that uses categorization technique for an unforgettable search experience. It uses original text from the Web stored in its datacenter and distils the same as well as links to compact semantic database.

This is further used to map queries to a vast list of slashtag filters that are crafted editorially. The use of slash tags blocks spam and unreliable websites. It has also developed outstanding products with its search index and crawler.

Blekko is built on rock solid foundation of its search engine. Leveraging on the same, izik has been developed to redefine mobile search.

ROCKZi is a unique social news platform that can be embedded on one’s website to usher visitors and drive traffic. It can be also used to feature superb content.                                                                                                                ImageOne of the most significant advantages of the categorization technique is refined and relevant information about the topic that is being searched for.
Its main purpose is to offer filtered result for a specific as well as more relevant search. It also prevents black hat SEO and spam.

Over the years, search engines have started becoming more and more commercial with lesser focus on relevance of search results.

This has paved way for development of Blekko. It is has revolutionized the process of search with its unique technique of categorization. With its amazing basket of creative products, it is poised to win net users’ hearts.